About Us

    accu-Wright Machining Inc. is well into its second decade of operation. Company growth since our initial establishment has been meticulously planned, slow and steady. We feel that it is the only way to become leaders in our chosen industry. While developing mutually beneficial partnerships with our clients, we have endeavored to become good at what we do. In a world of get it done fast and cheap, with mediocrity accepted by some, we refuse to work this way. Our quality control policies, even in our larger production contracts, is one of 100% checking. No spot checks, no 1 in 10 or 1 in 100 quality checks, we check each and every machined part that we produce. Subsequently our numbers of returned components are almost non existent, while at the same time we have consistently maintained number one positions in all of our client supplier rating systems.

Our Quality Control Philosophy

    We like the BIG STUFF: Our business has been built around our ability to handle the custom machining and CNC production machining of large component workpieces. Just recently we have added to our large component machining capacity by aquiring our third large work envelope horizontal boring mill with full 3 axis CNC capability. All of our machining divisions have back up machining capacity. Jib cranes utilized for the manipulation and handling of heavy work pieces are located at all pertinent workstations, our in house lifting capacity is up to 50 tons. Click Here to learn more about our large component custom machining capabilities.

Company Mission Statement

Our Facility

    About our Facility: Residing in our own building for the past decade, a recent expansion has increased our floor space to 24,000 square feet.

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