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Yasda Flexible Manufacting System - 5 x 1 metre pallets Since our inception almost two decades ago, accu-WRIGHT Machining Inc. has produced tight tolerance, high precision CNC-turned and machined component parts for a wide variety of industries. We have grown to become one of the premier contract CNC-machining businesses in Southern Ontario by utilizing our knowledge of advanced manufacturing processes. Our penchant to incorporate very good quality, brand name machinery, has served us well to provide our customers with innovative solutions and consistent lead times in a demanding market. The picture you see to the left is of our Yasda CNC Flexible Manufacturing System, one of the largest of it's type in Southern Ontario. . . Learn More

Company Divisions
  • Lucas Boring Mill

    Large Component Machining

    One of the mainstays of our business has been Custom Boring Mill Work and Large Component Machining. We currently have 3 large work envelope horizontal boring mills in service with table load capacity up to 25 tons. With cross travels up to 16 feet, we have the capability to custom machine virtually any imaginable configuration of a large component workpiece. . . Learn More

  • Cyclone Cinch Mill

    Large Work Envelope - Vertical CNC Capacity

    As a compliment to our large component machining division, we have 3 large work envelope vertical machining centers. The most recent addition, we purchased new. . . Learn More

  • CNC Production Machining

    CNC Production Machining

    Further complimenting our large component machining division, we have 4 twin pallet Horizontal Machining Centers. All machines are rebuilds of extremely good quality machine tools. . . Learn More

  • CNC Turning Division

    CNC Production Turning

    Over the years we have been able to establish a thriving CNC turning division by utilizing refurbished and rebuilt, name brand machinery. Selecting only the highest quality chucking machines has allowed us to produce consistent tight tolerance workpieces while always having enough back up capacity to fulfill our client's delivery times. . . Learn More

  • Large Bore CNC lathe

    Large Bore CNC Lathe

    The picture you see to the left is of our Cyclone large bore CNC lathe. With chucks at both ends of the spindle, it is used for the production of large hydraulic cylinders and simular types of work. . .Learn More



accu-WRIGHT Machining Inc. has completed training of personnel for the Accessibility Standard for Custom Service. If you require information relating to our policy please email or call to make an appointment.