About our CNC Machining Division

Rebuilt HMC example

   Complimenting our Yasda Flexible Manufacturing System, we have 2 twin pallet Horizontal Machining Centers. These units are re-furbished high end machines that act as both back up and relief to the Yasda FMS work flow, as well as being viable CNC production centers in their own right. The combination of the Yasda FMS and these 2 smaller twin 600mm pallet HMC's, allows us enormous flexibility in our work scheduling.

Vertical CNC production

   Additionally we have two large work envelope Vertical Machining Centers. There are simply some workpieces and machining applications that are best suited for a VMC. With cross travels of up to 60 inches, these 2 machines also afford a great deal of flexibility and create a number of options in terms of work scheduling and back up capacity.

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