About our Yasda Flexible Manufacturing System
Yasda HMC - front view

  To fully appreciate the CNC production capacity provided by this machine, one must first try to envision its size and capabilities. Occupying a working footprint on our floor of approximately 30 x 60 feet, this is a true flexible manufacturing system, a distinction made by the fact that the programmable pallets can be randomly called to the machining station.

Yasda layout taken from Machine Manual

  The significance of being able to randomly call pallets within the CNC machining program cannot be understated. This ability allows for much greater flexibility in job set up, as well as parts loading and unloading times. One of the numerous efficiencies gained from this system is; the ability to call both the fixturing and tooling for any of our client's workorders to the machining station within a very short period of time. Thereby creating unparalleled turnaround times, when compared with other types of machine set up and manufacturing.

Yasda HMC Features

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